Welcome to Sinical Records and the home of Nuclear Valdez’s latest album “Present From The Past.”  We’re excited to be working with The Nukes to make sure all their fans have access to these awesome unheard songs.  They’re merely studio demos recorded soon after their hits “Summer” and “Share A Little Shelter” were released but still hold up today! (And in our opinion, even move the band to a new level of captivating songs, passionate vocals and rocking grooves!)

Record Store Day even included them in the official roster for the April 22, 2017 worldwide event so check with your local stores to make sure they stocked some copies!

In Summer of 2017 Nuclear Valdez performed at Churchill’s Pub to celebrate the new album and we were able to capture the performance and release it on Amazon Prime!  Check it out and be sure to stay tuned for more surprises as we get to them.