Sinical Records  was founded in Miami, Florida by Roland Alvarez in association with John Tovar and TMG management.  We’ll be working with various distributors in order to find the best path for each of our artists depending on whether it’s a vinyl, CD, and/or digital release.

Roland Alvarez  started as a musician and visual artist back in the 80’s and after moving to Los Angeles in 1989, began working at A&M Studios where he became relentless about audio quality and customer service. His career has spanned mastering, recording, mixing, sound design and even forensic noise reduction and is currently the owner of Colada Mix.  Some of his work includes Neil Young, Moby, Marcus Miller, Stephen Stills, Janet Jackson, and many others.

John Tovar  has been in the music business more than 35 years. A music fan all his life, thanks to his musician mother. At a very early age, John was a music collector which reflected in his desire to work in the wholesale and retail music world. He paid his dues by working at Specs Music, Peaches Music Corporation and Y & T Music Stores, as a chain product music buyer. These experiences laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the music industry.  John has the gift of finding artists with the potential to become extremely successful international acts, regardless of their musical styles. Some of these artists include Expose, Nuclear Valdez, Marilyn Manson, The Mavericks, and others.